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Cython (.pyx) code in Python

This tutorial will show you how to use Cython (.pyx) in Python. Cython is a superset of Python that compiles to C. Cython modules can be used to speed up some parts of your project as C is a very fast language.

A Cython module must be compiled before it can be used and this compilation happens in two stages. A Cyton module (hello.pyx) is first compiled to a C-file (hello.c), the .c file is then compiled to a .pyd file (Windows). I am going to compile Cython code from the command-prompt by using a setup file ( in this tutorial. You will need the following libraries: numpy, Cython and setuptools. Remember that names is case sensitive in Python.

Cython modules

I have created two simple Cython modules: hello.pyx and date_and_time.pyx. These files is stored under annytab/cython in my project. The contents of these files is shown below.

# File: annytab/cython/hello.pyx

# Say hello to someone
def say_hello_to(name):
    print("Hello %s!" % name)
# File: annytab/cython/date_and_time.pyx

# Import libraries
cimport cpython.datetime

# Get today's date and time
def now():
    print("Today's date and time: %s" %

Setup file

A setup file ( is used to compile my two Cython modules, the setup file is stored in the same folder as the .pyx files. The contents of the file is shown below.

# Import libraries
import numpy
import setuptools
import Cython.Build

# Compile Cython files
setuptools.setup(name = 'Hello', ext_modules = Cython.Build.cythonize('hello.pyx'), include_dirs=[numpy.get_include()])
setuptools.setup(name = 'Date and Time', ext_modules = Cython.Build.cythonize('date_and_time.pyx'), include_dirs=[numpy.get_include()])


Open the command prompt, search for cmd if you can’t find it. Browse to the folder where your file is located and type python build_ext --inplace. You must have added a path to Python in environment variables for this to work, read Install Python and libraries with Visual Studio if you need help with this.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.476]
(c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. Med ensamrätt.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>cd C:\DATA\Python-projects\Iris\Iris\annytab\cython

C:\DATA\Python-projects\Iris\Iris\annytab\cython>python build_ext --inplace

Use modules

The compilation process saved files to the directory where the setup file is located. Now I am able to call methods in my Cython modules from Python modules.

# Import libraries
import annytab.cython.hello
import annytab.cython.date_and_time

# Say hello
annytab.cython.hello.say_hello_to('Wayne Gretzky')

# Get today's date and time

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