A document switch that allows you to send and receive files (e-documents) via website or api. A document switch means that a file can be sent from a sender to one or more recipients, the file is temporarily stored on the server and can be downloaded by the sender and by recipients.

The purpose of this service is to automate the document flow of electronic documents such as e-quotes, e-orders, e-invoices, electronic agreements and more. The service is not just limited to electronic documents, all types of files (music, movies, images and 3D models, etc.) can be sent and retrieved using the service.

It’s free to register as a member and to start sending files today, the account balance is filled with 2 GiB when registering a new account. This account balance only decreases when sending files, it is completely free to download files. also includes an e-signature service, this means that you can manage your agreements electronically. An e-signature can be created using an ID card and a smart card reader or with a certificate from A signature with an ID card is counted as a qualified electronic signature according to EU.


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