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| Added: 25 February 2015 | Updated: 25 February 2015
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A webshop is a free e-commerce solution that you can use to set up your own self-hosted online store. A webshop is distributed as open source code and is written in ASP.NET, MVC and C#. MS SQL is used for data storage. The design for the webshop can be customized to your likings. You can create an unlimited number of themes in your webshop, you can import themes and you can export themes.

You have full control over your store and your data, you are free to select the hosting provider that you like the best. A webshop also has a Web API so that other programs can communicate and integrate with a-webshop. Developers can create applications that integrate a-webshop with ERP-systems or other creative applications. Designers can create and sell themes and images to users of a-webshop.

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